Preparing for Hustlaball New York

As we get ready for tonight’s Hustlaball New York, let’s take some time to prepare for the epic night ahead with a to-do list. I went out with some of the performers to grab last minute gear from our favorite shops in Manhattan while discussing the essentials to putting on a great stage show. We’re all so very excited to see y’all tonight and were horny with excitement at this morning’s rehearsal, so get ready for a fun night ahead!

After grabbing lunch we made our first stop at Rainbows and Triangles in Chelsea to look for hot underwear or shorts to wear onstage. Afterwards, it was off to Nasty Pig to say hi to the crew. It was there that we found our outfits for the red carpet, so a special thanks goes out to Nasty Pig for always having the best gear on stock! Our last stop before getting ready for the night was Universal Gear in Hell’s Kitchen where I found the perfect high top shoes for the night.

With the party only hours away, it’s important to get plenty of rest beforehand so you can not only keep up with the festivities but enjoy yourself as much as possible. Some of the performers are shooting a promotional video for Hustlaball titled “Disco Nap Orgy”. For all my bottoms it’s important to clean out before any special engagement, and tonight is no exception! Since this is also a benefit event for our local community health center, Callen Lorde, they are providing us with free condoms, lubrication, and other necessities backstage, and we encourage y’all to take advantage of their generosity and play safe!

I can’t wait to see y’all tonight and look forward to meeting everyone! While some of the performers are at the gym or filming scenes, I am writing this from the comfort of my bed, ready to take a power nap before putting on my harness and walking the red carpet. Tonight is a marathon, not a sprint, so pace yourselves, hydrate, and meet join us for Hustlaball New York and our official after party, Papa, at Amnesia, a few short blocks away from Club Rebel. Bring your game faces, y’all know I will!

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