Hustlaball New York 2012

Hustlaball New York 2012 marked my inaugural performance with this raunchy mega-party. This year’s headliners included the sexy dynamic duo Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder, Christopher Daniels, Rafael Alencar, Tommy Defendi, and Danni Daniels– just to name a few. Hosted at Club Rebel in Midtown Manhattan, the three-story nightclub was transformed to encourage attendees to meet their favorite stars on the main stage and dance floor, photo booth, XX dance floor, and VIP room hosted by DJ Chi Chi LaRue. If you weren’t part of the festivities this past weekend, be sure to mark your calendar for next year!

I was thrilled to be asked to perform this year since all I really had under my belt were two Folsom Street East events, Black Party, and a string of go-go gigs across Manhattan. Being asked to join the big boys was definitely exciting! The more veteran porn performers were kind enough to share a few tricks of the trade during rehearsal earlier in the day, so I was eager with excitement for the night to come.

This year the even was sponsored by CellBlock 13 so we were provided with an array of amazing gear, from jockstraps and shorts to their sexy tank tops and shirts. We also brought some of our favorite toys and equipment so we were ready for anything that night. I tried making my first harness with chains I procured from Home Depot, and the rest came from Nasty Pig and Universal Gear.

Porn studs Rafael Alencar and Christopher Daniels were met with cheers from the crowd during their performance on the main stage. The night started off with a watersports performance which brought me back to when Logan Stevens first introduced the kink to me last Folsom East.

Two floors up in the VIP room, JD Phoenix and I bounced our bubble butts on the go-go stage to DJ Chi Chi LaRue. Some of the performers decided to throw a friendly competition to see who could excite the crowd more, and nothing was off limits! It was hot to see what everyone did to win the room over, from seductive dance moves to gagging on dicks. Collin Stone and I had a hot scene on the VIP stage to showcase how much of a piggy bottom cocksucker I can be. He put my gag reflex to the test with his cock, spitting on and slapping me across the face with it before shoving it down my throat.

JP Richards intercepted me on the way to the dressing room and asked me to join him back in the VIP room for his set. I had an hour between performances, so how could I say no to a gorgeous man wanting to stretch me open? I was impressed, not only by his immense package, but his balance and strength as he fucked me while holding me up on a stage slick with the lube we’ve used throughout the night.

This year challenged me to say yes to new opportunities, between performing at Folsom, Black Party, and now Hustlaball! A few performers asked if I’d be willing to try a double penetration and, before this year, I wouldn’t have considered the idea. We’ll probably save the first time for the cameras, though! Danni Daniels also introduced a new fetish to me as she fisted her bottom onstage. While it was a hot scene to watch, I’m not sure my hole is ready for that but there’s a first time for everything!

We had a blast with y’all at this year’s Hustlaball New York, and can’t wait to do it again next year! Hustlaball Berlin is coming this Friday, the 19th of October, so if y’all missed the London and New York parties, there’s still time to catch all the hot action at our final stop of the 2012 tour.

Photo credits: WilsonModels

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