Black Party Expo 2012

Master Brian and Eli Lewis / Folsom Street East 2011

This past weekend in New York City marked the 32nd Back Party by The Saint at Large. The exposition showcases vendors and performers across the nightlife and adult entertainment industries housed in the beautiful Roseland Ballroom where they can shop, mingle, and learn more about the kink community. I’ve been part of the kink scene for the past few years but never attended a gathering of this scale. Having been an exhibitor at Folsom Street East for the first time last summer, I figured this would be a great opportunity to dive in deeper!

Folsom Street East is a non-profit organization based in New York City that produces fundraising events that serves the leather, fetish, kink, and local LGBTQ+ communities. Their largest event is the annual street festival over Father’s Day weekend that brings people together to celebrate sexual diversity and expression. I didn’t have anything to wear, so I decided I would find new gear from the vendors. My favorite color turned out to align well with my kinks, so after I purchased a yellow jockstrap I found a rigger to tie me up an pop my Folsom cherry. He had me up against a wall, bound me with rope, and tested my paint tolerance. What a warm welcome!

I worked as a performer and exhibitor at this year’s Black Party Expo at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City. My signature look is a yellow jockstrap and pair of high top shoes. Fortunately, I was stationed next to the CockyBoys booth so I saw a few familiar faces smiling and cheering me on while I was dancing onstage. It was one of the best parties I had the privilege to work. I don’t know many people who can say they were carried around by bears, bound, and flogged in the same afternoon. While I was advised to maintain a low profile, I allowed many people to record and take photos of me onstage. The inner exhibitionist came out that night and, upon finishing my set, my best friend, Jason, applauded me saying, “Congratulations. You are becoming a porn star.”

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