Folsom Street East 2012

I worked with Rentboy and The Saint at Large at this year’s Folsom Street East in New York City. A group of us modeled the latest Black Party accessories at our booth, including samurai-inspired gear, jockstraps, harnesses, and other accessories. A draconic head piece and arm-guards were provided to add to my favorite yellow Nasty Pig jockstrap and homemade harness from Home Depot. The attached padlock combination was written on my ass, in case I forgot it, but was instead mistaken for a load counter. I’m definitely in the triple digits, but I’m sure we can beat that record!

One of the biggest exhibitions is the “Pie Hole Eating Contest” on the main stage where an assortment of bottoms are lined up for their asses to the crowd while corresponding tops slam a cream-filled pie on and eat out their holes. The winner is decided by audience applause, so it’s up to you as a pair to show off your skills and win them over. My top, Shafiq, and I concocted a winning strategy beforehand, so it was up to me to hold onto the haystack and enjoy the ride. He gave me the best rim job yet, and the banana cream pie made it all sweeter.

During and after our performance we were met with raucous applause from the crowd and were unanimously crowned this year’s victors! If you weren’t able to attend Folsom Street East this year, I hope this changes your mind and encourages you to attend next summer. The even larger kink festival, Folsom Street Fair, is held in San Francisco toward the end of September, and provides new and veteran kinksters the opportunity to learn more about their kinks and sexuality in a safe, welcoming, and controlled environment. I can’t wait to attend it someday!

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