2012 Honorable Mentions: The Boyfriend

My top 5 honorable mentions of 2012 are the most memorable sexcapades in no particular order. The Boyfriend and I are no longer together, but while we were dating sparks (and bodily fluids) flew everywhere. Sex with him was both primal and emotionally charged. We were madly and passionately in love and lust for each other, which made the return to my apartment more thrilling. Our bodies fit together like a key into its lock. I worshiped his massive, throbbing cock with my tongue and he loved every lick and kiss.

He gasped in ecstasy as I teased his head and kissed his pelvis. A low grunt escaped his lips as I licked his balls and buried his cock deep in my throat. His thick eight inches filled up my tight hole and I loved every moment. A gentle but passionate lover, he held me down tight as he slid his cock inside and slowly opened me up. The rhythm of his strokes increased with each passing second, waiting for the moment I finally relaxed into his arms, and led me to nirvana.

We were quite physical in our sexploits: he loved to throw me around, shoving his cock deeper with each changing position. He once pressed and lifted me against a wall, locking my hands above my head, as he thrust himself inside me. His favorite positions were those where he could see every expression on my face before pulling me in for a hard kiss. I would sometimes push him on his back and ride his cock, clenching my hole around him and working my way up and down his shaft until his eyes rolled back, grabbing me by the hips and pushing me down harder.

After each hot session we both came so hard that we laid there in each others arms for a few minutes until we were both ready to go again. There were times when these sessions would go late into the night and resume again in the early morning, much to my roommates’ annoyance. The walls of my apartment were thin, so they could hear every grunt, moan, and whimper. I cherish each and every one of our cumshots, whether they were all over my neck and chest, down my throat, or even sometimes accidentally splattered against the walls.

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