2012 Honorable Mentions: The Best Friend

The Best Friend and I met online thanks to Adam4Adam. His muscles, gorgeous hair, and cute Southern charm had me swooning but, like all Internet encounters, I worried that he wouldn’t deliver when meeting in person. The Boyfriend and I were going through a rough patch, but I didn’t want to throw my relationship and legs in the air for a new guy, so I closed them and waited out the storm… until we broke up. Drowning my sorrows at my favorite bar, I looked up from my drink and there he stood.

Leaning on the other side of the venue with a drink in hand, hair pushed back into a neat coif, we met eyes and he flashed a smile. I expected him to make the first move, but after several minutes of waiting I ordered another drink and walked over to introduce myself. After a few drinks he invited me back to his apartment and led me to his bedroom.

His kisses were rough but sweet. Pushing my hair away from my face, he moved my head down to his stiff member. His hands firmly grabbed the back of my head as he thrust deeper into my throat. I was quickly flipped over, my hole teased by a talented tongue which nearly sent me over the edge. I heard the rip of a condom wrapper behind me and felt his lubed-up fingers preparing my hole.

We continued to hook up regularly until one day we found ourselves sitting together for lunch. “Is this our first date?” I asked jokingly. He looked up grinning and continued looking over the menu without a word. The wonderful thing about having friends with benefits is the ability to live in harmony with and apart from each other. There were times when I’d work from his apartment, get horny, and message to ask him when he would return. I would wait on his bed and edge myself until he walked through the door, sometimes getting too close to releasing, until he entered the room and we would go for a few rounds.

Eventually we found ourselves spending more time with each other in non-sexual settings. We hooked up with other people and recounted our sexcapades at happy hour. And just like that our lived had become an Icona Pop song. The sex was great, but I’m so happy that our relationship blossomed into a lifelong friendship.

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