2012 Honorable Mentions: The Movie Date

I met The Movie Date while working on a project in Manhattan and thought he was the cutest thing I’d laid eyes on. He added me on Facebook shortly after and his shirtless pictures caused my jaw to drop to the floor! We continued to chat online and agreed to meet up to get to know each other better, promptly opening the gates for naked pictures to be exchanged. We quickly learned that we have a lot in common, and I came to know him as a sweetheart and charmer. Unfortunately, our schedules rarely aligned so we had to settle for text messages and phone calls. We would occasionally run into each other at bars and parties, but were unable to physically connect.

Then one fateful night during Gay Pride in New York City, I received a text from him saying he’ll be returning to the city that night. He asked if I wanted to meet up and received a very enthusiastic yes from me. Giddy with excitement at the prospect of finally getting some alone time with him, I tasked my friends with ensuring I didn’t get too drunk during Gay Pride- a nearly impossible task. It wasn’t until late into the night that he sent a text message stating he’d returned but was so tired that he may just stay in rather than meet me out for drinks. Trying not to appear too forward, I recommended we stay in, order pizza, and watch a movie. He liked that idea so I quickly finished my drink, called for a taxi, and made my way to his apartment.

He greeted me at his door shirtless and I couldn’t help but throw myself at him, locking his lips into mine with a passionate, gin-and-tonic-infused kiss. We didn’t quite make it the sofa before clothes started to come off, littering the floor, hands exploring bodies, and pizza completely forgotten. His thick member continued to grow and stiffen, barely fitting into my hand, so I dutifully placed it in my warm mouth instead. My throat was relaxed thanks to the liquid courage from happy hour, so I took him down to the base with ease. I’ve learned that sex after a few drinks allows me to better focus on the guy I’m with rather than my pain of my hole being torn open by a monster cock.

We tried numerous positions over several hours, with each session hotter than the last. After someone came, we took a water break, pleasantly surprised by the stamina of the other, and proceeded for another round. Meeting someone with a similar sex drive can lead to a voracious, sweaty evening, and that’s exactly what we had in mind. At one point he had me pinned down on my back as he looked me in the eyes and stroked in and out of my hole until I was on the verge of cumming. Then, without warning, he picked me up with his strong arms and continued to thrust himself inside me while standing, causing me to lose control and bust all over his sculpted chest.

The power play and exchange between us was my favorite element of the experience. We took turns being submissive and dominant: he gave me the reins to use his body to pleasure mine before stealing the power back for himself until we were spent, then lay in each others arms until it was time for another round. This continued into the early morning until our respective responsibilities called for us to return to reality. We swore we’d have an actual movie date soon, one that actually involved watching a film before diving into each other.

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