2012 Honorable Mentions: Austin and Tyler Wolf

I met Austin this past summer when he was a local bartender and, upon seeing him, had the unshakeable desire to bend over behind the bar and have him use me. Maintaining some level of composure, I ordered a drink and undressed him with my eyes. We quickly exchanged numbers, sexts, and nudes. Unfortunately, both of our schedules were very busy and we were never available at the same time. But with a little bit of patience, the magic of summer and Fire Island brought us together for one weekend of kinky play as the stars aligned.

We lost each other at a house party in the Pines, but soon after I received a text from him to meet back at his house. After wandering blindly through the dark of the boardwalk, I finally arrived at my destination where he carried me to his room in those wonderfully sculpted arms and practically tore my clothes off. The way he pulled me in close and passionately kissed me with soft but determined lips will forever be tattooed in my memory. It surprised me that he was a more gentle lover than I expected, or rather that I fantasized.

A devilish grin flashed across his handsome face as he flipped me onto all fours so he could taste my eager hole. Spreading my cheeks apart, he dove in for a feast until I was lubed up and ready for his twitching cock. I squirmed a little as he slid his hard dick into my tight hole, letting out a low growl as he entered me. He re-positioned me on top of him so I could get used to his girth on my own time. Just as I started to open up, he flipped me on my back, threw my legs over his chest, and held me down as he stroked deeper inside me. Muffling my moans with his hand over my mouth, he leaned in to kiss me as he whispered, “I’ve got you. Just breathe.

Last month I was out with friends for happy hour when I received a text from Austin that made me change my plans. “We are horny. Come over.” Finishing my cocktail, I grabbed my jacket, and made my way to meet the wolves. I arrived at his apartment, boner secured under my Nasty Pig jockstraps, and was led to the bedroom where an erect and stroking Tyler Wolf waited for my mouth to replace his hand. I dropped to my knees as Austin undressed me. Pleasuring both cocks with my tongue, I turned to Austin and slowly took him deep into my throat as Tyler pushed his tongue into my hole. The wolves were taking me from both sides, with one thick cock challenging my gag reflex and the other one slowly entering me.

After awhile they switched positions as Austin grabbed me by the hips and pulled me lower onto his thick dick. Meanwhile, Tyler held my face as he fucked my mouth in sync with his boyfriend’s thrusts. They moved harder and faster in unison, both slowly reaching their climax as Austin pulled all the way out of me and slammed back deep within. Tyler was the first to cum, shooting waves down my throat, followed quickly by Austin who pulled out and came all over my back. Afterward, they held me between them for a few minutes before we all cleaned up and had to meet with our respective clients for the night. I hadn’t cum yet, but they made me promise to return later for round two!

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