Meet me at the baths

One of my best friends planned to take me for a spa day on my birthday but, realizing he forgot to book an appointment, led me instead to one of New York City’s last remaining bathhouses: the West Side Club in Chelsea. He went to a bathhouse in Europe and thought it would be a fun alternative to the conventional massage and facial. I was pleasantly surprised by the experience, and of course I had other areas massaged while still managing to receive a few facials.

Upon receiving our room and locker keys, we stripped down and explored the area to discover a labyrinth of private rooms, showers, and a dry sauna. He expected a more elaborate space, including a pool and other amenities, but I came without any expectations and found it to be far less intimidating than I originally imaged. Timing certainly played a role in our experience as we arrived around 8PM on a Tuesday night and were part of a handful of people who slowly trickled in to the venue, but still I was happy to find it as comfortable as the dungeons I’d previously explored.

My initial nerves started to subside, especially since I’d faced more daunting experiences. A Saint Andrew’s cross provided me with a greater sense of security and comfort than the many rooms, with their doors slightly ajar to reveal a bare ass or stroking cock, because that scene was more familiar and the rules more explicit. The prospect of walking up to someone and getting rejected caused me to initially retreat to the privacy of my room. But after shaking off the nerves, I decided to make like the locals and open my door slightly and present my ass in the air for everyone to see.

As people walked passed, my confidence grew- and so did my cock. I didn’t imagine how thrilling this type of cruising would be! A dark figure appeared at my door and I could hardly see his face. He entered the room and closed the door behind him. Turning to face me, he dropped his towel and revealed the handsome face of a man in his thirties with a muscular body. His dick twitched in the air before he walked toward me and pressed himself into my eager mouth.

I could taste his sweet precum as he opened up my hole with his fingers. Tearing open a packet of lube and slipping on a condom, he propped me up on his dick so I could slowly lower myself onto him, allowing me to take control, and feel every inch of him inside me. Steadily increasing each stroke, he held me tight and kissed me as he stretched my hole open for the next five guys who would be entering me that night.

Each time I returned to the front desk for more condoms and lube, the attendants would give me a sly smile. “Boy, you sure are going through these quickly! It looks like you’re having fun on your birthday!” I circulated between six guys returning to fuck me all night while a handful of others came to get their cock sucked or eat me out. The men who followed my first included a tall blonde twink with a massive dick, a bear whose beer can cock tore more open time and again, a Brazilian man who didn’t speak a word of English but compensated by knowing how to read body language, and a Cuban couple who took turns fucking me separately until finally returning for a threesome.

It was getting late and I realized I hadn’t eaten since lunch earlier that day, so I showered off and left the West Side Club to find something else to put in my mouth. This was definitely an experience to remember!

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