2012 Rentboy XXXmas Party at WestGay

Rentboy kicked off the holiday season with their XXXmas party at WestGay at The WestWay. We had quite the gorgeous lineup of guys who attended, including Jake Steel, Kennedy Carter, Vito Gallo, Tommy Defendi, Nicko Morales, and Rafael Alencar. Our holes were decked in festive gear, including my jingling balls and Jake flashing everyone with his twinkling lights.

Upon arriving to the venue I immediately tackle-hugged my favorite ginger, Kennedy Carter, who I hadn’t seen in a few months. Not only does he have a beautiful cock, dashing smile, and gorgeous tattoos, but he’s witty and genuinely kind. How could you not have a crush on him? Jake, sporting red and white tinsel wrapped into a bow around his crotch, kept me entertained throughout the night- mostly because he wasn’t wearing his contact lenses and stumbled everywhere he went.

Kennedy jokingly exclaimed earlier that day how WestGay would turn one of us into a drag queen by the end of the night, “Which porn star hookers will convert to drag under WestGay’s warping influence tonight? I’m packing heels and a weave just in case!” I packed my ruby slippers, but the drag queens brought their own fierce looks and had a jolly time with us!

Thinking it was only going to be the three of us dancing all night, we decided on a rotation that had two dancing onstage while the one mingles with the crowd. Rafael Alencar, Tommy Defendi, and Vito Gallo showed up shortly after and each joined us onstage for a set between partying with the guests in the VIP section.

When WestGay’s house go-go dancers arrived and freed us to play among the crowd and enjoy the party before our second set later in the evening. Once we were back in the dressing room, I quickly realized that the smooth-talker I’d been dancing with earlier was Tommy Defendi- with his beard shaved off! He was difficult to recognize under the disco ball, but that man looks damn good with or without facial hair.

Behind the scenes is exactly what you’d expect from a group of porn stars: casual nudity, free cocktails, and gossiping about who was in attendance that night. The primary conversation of the night centered around a very drunk Kirsten Dunst, dancing the night away, but refusing to take a photo with any of us. Mostly, we were catching up on each other’s lives since we hadn’t all been in the same room since HustlaBall New York in October. Most of us will be here through the end of the month, so you can expect to see us wandering the streets of Chelsea in search of brunch.

After a performance by the amazing Joey Arias, Rafael and I grabbed our bag of tricks and took the main stage to begin the Rentboy.com giveaway to those most deserving of presents. We brought up a few of the other porn stars in various forms of undress to deliver presents to the crowd, shoving gifts down our jockstraps and underwear for the audience to grab. A few very enthusiastic guests even gifted us with cash for the more than generous display of our candy canes!

From all of us at Rentboy, we wish you and yours a wonderful holigay season!

Photo credit: Wilson Models

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