2013 Hookies Awards at Roseland Ballroom

The 2013 Hookies Awards show was hosted at Roseland Ballroom in New York City this past weekend. The months leading up to this night were filled with anxiety and excitement as I campaigned to promote my three nominations for Best Newcomer, Best Dancer, and Best Website. Let’s get on with the show!

Christopher Daniels and I talk to Mike Diamond about being power couples with our husbears.

Black Party weekend was also quite busy with my involvement in the planning and execution of the awards show, Black Party Expo, and Black Party all while being an awards finalist and performer. You can only imagine how exhausted and sore I was after the festivities ended. Let’s pain the scene. The Hookies Awards show opened Black Party weekend and brought together some of my favorite people, including Seth Knight, mr.Pam, and Chi Chi LaRue. It was fun to see everyone at the awards show and place bets over which tired ass showgirl was going to come out on top or bottom as this year’s biggesst whores.

Some of us were fortunate to have multiple nominations, including Christoper Daniels, Trenton Ducati, Austin Wolf, and myself, so the competition was as stiff as the cocktails in the VIP section. A big highlight of the weekend was meeting the fabulous Chi Chi LaRue. I’ve wanted to meet her for awhile and, after tweeting each other back and forth, we finally got to chatting and will hopefully be working with each other very soon! Whoever said you can’t have your cake and eat it, too, clearly hasn’t met me! I’m horny with excitement to see what she has in store for me, and will need someone to help me rehearse for my big debut – where’s Rafael Alencar?

Although I was in charge of the upstairs VIP room during the awards show, I made sure to also have my fun as an award nominee. After hitting the red carpet, I stripped off my blazer and bow tie and got into something more comfortable for the step and repeat. I love looking dapper, but find that a jockstrap and pup collar are much easier to play around in. What? It’s a look!

My friends joke that I haven’t outgrown the phase of my life in which I take off my clothes and run around naked, but it’s true and I don’t think that will be changing in the near future. Rafael especially had a much easier time locating me once the clothes came off, so we grabbed Michael Musto and took our positions in front of the camera. Several cocktail, photo ops, and dance partners later, I heard Robin Byrd start to name the finalists for Best Newcomer. Jay and Rowan grabbed me and we excitedly waited for the winner to be announced.

…and the biggest whores of 2013 are:

  • Best Newcomer: JD Phoenix
  • Best Porn Star Escort: (TIE) Trenton Ducati and Marc Dylan
  • Best Top: Austin Wolf
  • Best Film: Hooker Stories by Naked Sword
  • Best Ass: Tate Ryder
  • Best Fetish: Draven Torres
  • Best Body: Trenton Ducati
  • Best Cock: Rafael Alencar
  • Best Bear: Heath Jordan
  • Best Dancer: Erik Rage
  • Best Dressed: Josh Ryley
  • Best Boyfriend Fantasy: Samuel Colt
  • Best Masseur: Andres in NYC
  • Best Daddy: Charlie Harding
  • Best Twink: Sean Caden
  • Best Website: Tales of a Rentboy by Eli Lewis
  • Mr. International Escort of the Year: Christopher Daniels

When my name wasn’t called for Best Newcomer or Best Dancer, I slumped over the bar in defeat thinking I wouldn’t win any of my categories. But when I heard them announce my blog as the winner of Best Website, I threw my gin and tonic back and ran toward the stage. I tripped over Brayden Forrester on the way up and literally jumped on Erik Rage and kissed Vito Gallo who handed me the microphone. Completely forgetting my acceptance speech, I incoherently stammered, “Yay! There were the two, and I thought I lost, but ohmygodIwon! Yay! Thank you!”

Eli Lewis win the 2013 Hookies Award for Best Website!

Thank you all so very much for voting and getting me nominated. I didn’t think I would receive a nomination this year, let alone be named a finalist in three categories, so I’m more than grateful. I mean, sure, I would have loved to sweep the awards show with three wins, but I’m definitely not complaining! Maybe next year I’ll receive my overdue nomination for and win Best Top! Let’s start campaigning immediately!

Photo credits: Wilson Models and Dick Mitchel

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