2013 Black Party Expo at Roseland Ballroom

After last night’s 2013 Hookies Awards I returned home and drank a gallon of water so I wouldn’t wake up hungover and have the energy to go to the gym before the long Saturday ahead. Neither of that happened. I stayed in bed today until I absolutely needed to start getting ready for the Black Party Expo. Aiden Connors met me at my apartment where my roommate, Jason, helped us with our hair and makeup before we took a taxi over to Roseland Ballroom to start clowning around. Our Harley Quinn and Joker outfits were inspired by this year’s carnival theme for Black Party. I was excited to pull off multiple looks throughout the weekend because if I can’t be versatile in bed, I might as well do so with my aesthetic.

Two of my favorite pups, Draven Torres and Erik Rage, were also in attendance and ready to play. Draven, who won the 2013 award for Best Fetish Escort, and Erik, our 2013 Best Dancer, are equal parts sexy and sweet – a dangerous combination. I was ecstatic when they won their respective categories, having voted for an interviewed Erik myself, that we jumped on each other upon receiving our awards that night. Draven and I got into more trouble at Black Party later in the night, but I’ll save that for another post!

Looking over at the CockyBoys booth, I noticed a lack of familiar faces. But that didn’t stop me from prancing over to introduce myself to the boys and even tying up one of their new exclusive models with bondage tape. Aiden was a very good (water)sport at the Rentboy booth, and was open to anything and everything that came his way. He walked up to me slightly damp when he told me he tried water sports for the first time. When Rafael arrived, Mr. Pam wanted to use us for one final scene she playfully named “Redbull or Piss”. She filled one empty enema bottle with Redbull while Rafael pissed in the other. The game was simple: I had to guess which liquid filled each container via taste test. I’m sure Rafael hadn’t adequately prepared for such a scene, but I fortunately picked out the Redbull enema.

My prize for guessing correctly was the Hookies Award-winning film Hooker Stories by NakedSword and the bonus of getting pissed on by Rafael regardless of whether I chose the right bottle- yay for me! Closing the expo with that scene definitely got me going for the Black Party a few hours away, but first I needed a meal and a nap! See y’all tonight!

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