2013 Black Party at Roseland Ballroom

After Black Party Expo ended I returned home to nap before I had to return to Roseland Ballroom for hair and makeup for the opening performance. When I arrived I saw my name at the top of the makeup schedule. When originally notified of my role as the lead tranny hooker giving blowjobs to several porn stars in the lobby I thought I would be joined by other people in drag, but apparently I was to fly solo. More for me, then!

A huge shout-out goes to my hair, makeup, and costume team for transforming me into a fierce queen! Something indescribable happens when you’re put into full drag attire, like a wave of power washing over you and granting you superhuman confidence and shine. The originally allotted 45 minutes stretched out to two hours to fully complete, during which time everyone poked their heads in to watch the magic unfold.

My mother was quite impressed, exclaiming “Wow! She’s gorgeous, who is she?” upon receiving the pictures I sent to her. It wasn’t until the next morning that I received a follow-up message reading, “Wait. Were those pictures of you?!” Aleks Buldocek, with whom I would perform later in the night, stopped in his tracks while I was getting painted and gave me a wink and knowing glance that I immediately recognized as the promise of a great show.

Leo Forte and Eli Lewis backstage at the 2013 Black Party in Roseland Ballroom

Despite my initial trepidation over the very high heels I was given, they remained remarkably comfortable during the three hours in which I strutted around the lobby welcoming guests to the party with a warm mouth hug. Giving that many blowjobs in such a short period of time nearly gave me lockjaw, but I stayed hydrated and took it like a professional. Whenever I saw my friends walk in, I made sure to relentlessly flirt with them until they realized the beautiful woman groping them through their clothes was their beloved little slut. I especially noted the familiar faces from Grindr who were ecstatic at the opportunity to ravage me in drag. It’s certainly another thing to crossdress off my bucket list!

After three hours of whoring around like Fantine in Les Mis, I wobbled backstage to change out of my dress into a jockstrap, harness, and gas mask for my next performance. Aleks, Draven Torres, and Leo Forte gawked in amusement as I stripped off the layers of makeup to reveal the boy underneath. We were sure to document the behind the scenes moments of the night, all equally surprised by how much I could pass for a woman outside of the furry chest. Austin Wolf was speechless as he watched me earlier in the night and stammered, “Wow! But, um, please come back to me when you’re a boy again!”

Austin Wolf and Eli Lewis backstage at the 2013 Black Party in Roseland Ballroom

As much fun as I had in heels and a dress, I was ready to be back in my jockstrap and boots. After my drag debut I received requests to host parties, but I’m not quite ready to dip my toes into that realm. She’s still just a princess, not yet a queen. The performances were a spectacle! Some of these guys I hadn’t seen since Hustlaball New York, so it was great to reconnect with them. I also met some new hotties, like the absolutely WOOFY Tony Buff. I think I made a good first impression with my love for all things kinky, so I can’t wait to play with him again soon!

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